The Indie Author

⭐ About the book
Discover the hearts and minds of writers who wrote with freedom and published without permission.
Having written fiction and non-fiction books across all genres, 50 writers from across the 🌍 share:
- their writing journey
- their creative process
- how they market their books
- and more
⭐ Who is it for?
This book is for all writers, aspiring writers, and anyone who dreams of being an author one day.

πŸ“– curated by Jasraj Hothi, published by Indie Writer PressΒ© The Indie Author 2021. All rights reserved.

πŸŽ™οΈ Recordings to celebrate the release of the bookA conversation with Lynnda Pollio + Ritu Kaushal | πŸŽ₯ watch | πŸ”‰ listenWhy I've created a book called 'The Indie Author' | πŸŽ₯ watch | πŸ”‰ listenA conversation with Anja SchΓΌler-Renner + John Davis | πŸŽ₯ watch | πŸ”‰ listenHow I made 'The Indie Author' book | πŸŽ₯ watch | πŸ”‰ listenA conversation with Katherine Turner + Rebekah Mallory | πŸŽ₯ watch | πŸ”‰ listenβ€”πŸ  return to homepage

Here's a list of the authors featured in the book:Alice ArcherAmanda LinehanAnja SchΓΌler-RennerAnna-Marie O'BrienAnne EstonAudrey KalmanBlair DenholmBrittany Long OlsenCarol Beth AndersonCat GilesCatherine NorthChristy EsmahanCynthia SchneiderDavid FrauenfelderDavid MullinElizabeth MinerEric DabbsGurpreet DhariwalJ.A. PloskerJacob KlopJared SmortoJesse GordonJohn C. DavisJohn Mark GreenKaren HuggKatherine TurnerK.C. CowanLizette AgenbachLynnda PollioMark PierceM.C. SheridanMike RipplingerMona KristensenMorgan SmithNikki MarroneNoelle BrightonPatricia CorrellPatricia KirschPeg ChengPhil BaisleyRebekah MalloryRebekkah FordRitu KaushalStephen J. WolfSteve MorganThomas J. TorringtonThomas L. QuallsVictoria JayneVictoria RayWill Damronβ€”πŸ  return to homepage

One-on-one written interviews with fifty self-published authors, spread across the world, carefully documented over the course of two years.We hope you enjoy the interviews and stories contained in this book.β€”πŸ  return to homepage